Desmos Classroom is joining Amplify.

We are excited to share that the Desmos grades 6–Algebra 1 curriculum, as well as, are now a part of Amplify. Our teams are currently hard at work creating Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom, the most engaging Illustrative Mathematics’ IM K–12 Math™ program available.

The grades 6–Algebra 1 courses will begin to be available for review and piloting school year 2023-2024. In the meantime, check out our FAQs about Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom and keep an eye on this space for frequent updates.




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Digital lessons should be powerful in their ability to surface student thinking and spark interesting and productive discussions. Sign up to learn more about how Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom brings all students into the math conversation.

Lessons students enjoy doing

The student experience is intuitive and engaging because the content and the tools are interesting and exciting. The digital experience provides students with opportunities to express their brilliance, talk through their reasoning, work with their peers, and gain new understanding.

Powerful teaching tools

Imagine knowing where your students are, what they think, what they might not get yet, and what needs to happen next. This is all possible with our real-time insights, data, and reporting the drive performance for all learners.

Automatic, just-in-time supports

Power-ups are daily differentiated warm-ups that accelerate students into grade-level content, quickly. Amplify Math provides insight into which students need a little extra support for the day’s lesson. Teachers can choose to push out the two types of warm-ups, providing students with five minutes of targeted support, before coming together again to work on grade-level tasks. Check out a demo here.

Engaging all students in grade-level math every day

Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom helps teachers set the stage for memorable learning experiences while transferring the responsibility for the learning to students.

The program includes easy-to-follow instructional supports that make implementing a problem-based program more effective and enjoyable for both teachers and students.

The lessons are designed to elicit creative thinking and get students collaborating. By working on problems that are intriguing, engaging, and relevant, students see how the math they are learning in class connects to their everyday lives. Students are placed into situations where they need to reason, collaborate, revise their thinking, and apply what they’ve learned.

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Making math memorable

All students ask “Why do I need to know this? When am I ever going to use this in the real world?” Amplify Math helps students make the connections with math and their everyday lives to help them see and appreciate the relevance of the math they’re figuring out in class. Throughout the units, students will be introduced to interesting and relevant narratives from history and today to pique their interest. The lessons that follow sometimes touch on those narratives to show the direct connection between what students are doing in the classroom with the real world they live in.

The Math Teacher Lounge is open!

Amplify + Desmos presents the Math Teacher Lounge, a podcast with hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer.